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Monday, 27 August 2012

Connecting Collections - A Case of Translation

Hello everyone! My name is Ruby and I am a postgraduate from Cardiff University studying translation studies. It is my pleasure to be a part of the translation training placement at The Roman Baths. It was an amazing experience! We had a guided tour offered by Helen who is a Collection Assistant at The Roman Baths Museum. I have learnt a lot about the stories, knowledge and operation behind a museum, for example the decent temperature to store the artefacts, the process to identify, record and label them properly, etc, and none of these tasks are easy jobs. The Roman Baths, being the most well-preserved Roman public bathing site within Europe, they have various collections of the Romans. Lastly, here is a photo of me and the Great Bath. I really enjoy my placement in the Roman Baths and would definitely love to go again!

大家好! 我叫Ruby,來自於卡迪夫大學翻譯研究系。很高興這次可以以實習翻譯員的身份在巴斯羅馬古浴場博物館工作,這是一段非常有意思的經歷! Helen是羅馬古浴場博物館的收藏品助理,也是這次實習活動的負責人,在實習過程中,她負責介紹並帶領我們遊覽館內的設施。 從她的介紹說明中,我知道了不少博物館經營背後的故事、學到了相關的知識,例如保存文物的最佳溫度、鑑定和紀錄文物的過程等。而這些工作都不是紙上談兵就能做到的。羅馬古浴場是目前歐洲保存最完整的古浴場遺址,其博物館內陳列了各式各樣的古羅馬收藏品。這次在羅馬古浴場博物館的實習讓我受益匪淺,如果有機會的話希望能夠再次回來工作。在此附上我在大浴池遺址旁的留影,以作紀念!

Ruby Chung - Cardiff University MA Translation Student

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