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Wednesday, 22 January 2014


A few of months ago I had a really unusual and exciting request. Would I be happy to appear on the Jedward big adventures show?? My answer was a cautious yes.

I was given the task of giving John and Edward their guided tour of the Roman Baths.  They would then do a tour for a group of school children.

The first time I saw John and Edward was by the balcony overlooking the Sacred Spring. They strutted in, hair spiked up wearing studded jackets, skinny jeans and beautiful hand decorated converse trainers. The boys are exactly how you imagine them. Full of life with unlimited energy (exhausting!!).  We launched into filming almost straight away so not much time to chat. I was nervous-this was my first television appearance. However, every time the director shouted 'cut,' John and Edward made funny little jokes which started to make me laugh. At one point John (or was it Edward?) reached forward towards my face...ahhh what was he going to do?? "You have a hair on your face, it will show on camera" and he swept the hair away. "Oh, thanks” I said, a bit embarrassed! 

Filming on the terrace overlooking the great bath was next along with Stephen, the museum curator. Unfortunately every time he seemed to speak a lorry kept reversing, beeping as it went.  Having to say the same thing over and over again in a serious voice is quite difficult especially when you have John or Edward pulling faces at you! My favourite part was when the camera panned out across the great bath and we had to pretend to be having a chat and a laugh.

I am now also good at voice overs for short animations. I have it down to 46 seconds!! That includes 10 seconds for breathing!

Jedward went on to do filming at the Assembly Rooms. As they left the building I breathed a sigh of relief, I was exhausted!

Jedward’s visit to the Roman Baths will be on BBC 1 tonight at 4:30pm.

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