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Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Speed Dating with Pottery

Pottery Fragment: So have you ever dated pottery before?

Me: No. But I’ve dated clay pipes. I imagine it’s much the same. Clay is clay.

PF: No way. Pottery is way more exciting than pipes! Everybody likes pottery. Men, women, kids, even your grandma. Trust me. Pottery fragments are where it’s at.

Me: Are you an archaeologist by chance?

PF: Me? No. I’m really more into cooking. I should really make dinner for you sometime.

Me: Oh. No Thanks. You’re a bit too old for me. I was really looking form something more post medieval.

I knew it from the start. It was Roman pottery. Samian to be precise. I could have avoided that whole conversation.

By now you know the drill. You’re an experienced speed dater. You’ve been dating glass bottles and clay pipes. Now it’s time for the big leagues: Pottery Fragments.



Bonus Round

Here’s a handy flow chart and some pictures of pottery fragments for you to try and date. Post your answers in the comments.

Good Luck!

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