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Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Reflecting on the Sacred Waters

Well, our time here at the Roman Baths and Pump Room is drawing to an end and this will be the last blog I write for you. Although, by the time you read this Joanna, Barbara and I will be long gone.

We will all miss our time here in Bath. I in particular will miss all the friends I have made here at the Baths, getting to work with the collections from Roman Britain and the Georgian period and being able to wander around behind the scenes here at the museum. It has been such a great learning experience that my time spent here has truly been invaluable and I will never forget it. From working events at Englishcombe, for the British Archaeological Festival, and Number Four the Circus, for Heritage Days, to working family events here at the Baths and researching collections down in the study area or here in the office. This placement has been quite an experience. I have written interpretation, designed displays, researched the most unusual things and learned more than I could ever have thought possible. I highly recommend the experience.

‘Reflecting on the Sacred Waters – Stories from beyond the Baths’ was another possible title for this blog. I thought it was appropriate to use it as the title here, for my final post.

The Cold Plunge Pool

(Joanna has one more blog coming out on March 15th for all of you. Think the ‘fall’ of Julius Caesar.)

We will miss you all,

Katrina Elizabeth

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