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Wednesday, 30 October 2013

How we Drew the Roman Baths

The Big Draw evening was a lot of fun.  There were lots of activities around the museum for visitors to enjoy. The group artwork was very popular, it was great to see so many people colouring it in and enjoying themselves. It’s almost tempting to re-paint the Great Bath with the new colour scheme. We didn’t quite get it all finished on the night, but considering how big it is we got a good way through it.

The colourful Group Art Work
 One of the most popular demonstrations of the night would have to have been Chris Evans, a textile design student from Bath Spa University and volunteer here at the Roman Baths. I don’t think there was anybody who came along on the night who didn’t stop by his table. He had a wonderful display of fabric dyes, from the slightly toxic indigo to the little insects of cochineal, pretty woad and many other raw dyes. He also had fabric samples and cloth which he’d woven himself. When there weren’t people at his table, which wasn’t often, he took the chance to continue his work on the replica Roman loom we have.  It’s amazing to see him work so quickly at something which looks so complicated. He did explain it all to me, but I haven’t been brave enough to try it.
Chris and the loom

Laurence Tindall, a stonemason, had a fantastic demonstration and activity on painted stone. Some people were even so enthralled by it that they happily stayed listening to him for most of their time in the museum. He was particularly popular with people who had visited the Roman Baths before and were excited to see something new, and hands on, to add to their museum experience. 

Children having a go at their own art with advice from Laurence.

Our ‘Drawing the Roman Baths 2100’ postcard competition got off to a great start. Some of the entries were just wonderful. It was lovely to see people taking the time to create the best postcard they could for the competition. Some children even liked their postcards so much that they took them home to keep rather than give to us.
Our postcard competition desk

It was great to see everything run so smoothly, and any chance to spend time by the Great Bath at night is fantastic. The Roman Baths are such a beautiful place.



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