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Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Festival of British Archaeology - Chew Magnified, the review

It was a rainy Saturday when the Roman Baths Collections Team came to town…

Lindsey (Learning and Programmes Officer) and Susan (Collections Manager B&NES Roman Baths) headed the team; Richard (Archaeological Officer for B&NES), Helen (Collections Assistant B&NES Roman Baths), Kathryn (Visitor Services B&NES Roman Baths) Angela (Marketing Office B&NES) Emma and Hannah (Collection Volunteers – Roman Baths) made up the squad. Armed with display boards, artefacts and activities we were looking forward to meeting the people of Chew Magna and beyond…

Building a miniture version of Chew Magna
We were really pleased to see Bath and Camerton Archaeological Society (BACAS) join us with their display of recent work carried out at Stanton Drew stone circle. Brian Wood came armed with an interesting display of family history and Sheila Walker was kind enough to loan some very interesting and popular photographs and information relating to the local area. Chew Valley School also chipped in with some fantastic artwork based on architecture found within the village. The day would not have run so smoothly without the help of Doris Davies and Suzanne Bloxham so a big thank you to them….

Bath and Camerton's display
The most popular event on the days itinerary had to be the Medieval music played by the band Waytes and Measures. It was great to hear the music of Medieval Britain played on replica authentic instruments (we all thought a hurdy gurdy was a creation of fantasy!). Most surprising was that our very own Richard Sermon (Archaeological Officer) was one of the band members… hidden talents eh!

Richard Sermon displaying his many talents
Despite the rain many people turned up to enjoy the days events and bravely ventured out on the self-guided walk around the village! By the time the event was winding up the sun had come out, which must have been a welcomed addition to the bed race that was taking place the same afternoon!

A big thank you to all who took part in this event and an even bigger thank you to all who came along to join in – we look forward to coming out into the community of Bath and North East Somerset next year as part of the Festival of British Archaeology and we just might be coming to visit you….

Helen Harman - Collections Assistant

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