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Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Art Inspiration

I think my past blogs have served as clear evidence that art is a great part of who I am. Over the past couple of years my time associated with the Roman Baths has not only expanded my talents but opened doors for my own work.

Before I started working here the Victorian Art Gallery was alien territory for me, and this is coming from a wannabe artist. From the first time I visited that place I began looking up all the future exhibitions they held, drawn to one annual event in particular: The Bath Society of Artists Open Exhibition; a chance for artists both amateur and professional to have their work on display for all the public to see.

Admittedly I was hesitant to submit some work for consideration last year. I can only imagine how much of a big step it is for any up-and-coming artist, and it took the encouragement of all my colleagues in the Collections office before I got two of my pieces together: a portrait painting of actress Karen Gillan and an experimental form of art known as “Cybermen at Arms”. The portrait was rejected sadly but “Cybermen…” officially became the first piece of art I had created to be on display at an exhibition, and considering that it was among the 350 chosen from an original 700 submitted I felt rather privileged, even if it didn’t sell.

Cybermen at Arms

Earlier this year, the next exhibition came round, and following the success of “Cybermen at Arms’” I produced two new paintings from my range of ‘Parody Art’: “Penguin Product Placement” and “Towing and Reckless Driving is Serious”. Based on “Cybermen’s…” uniqueness I had hoped that at least one of those pieces would make it through, so imagine my surprise when I learned shortly after the submission that BOTH paintings were accepted. Sadly I still fell short of my first sale and a category award has still eluded my grasp.

Penguin Product Placement

It may be some time before I get any awards or recognition, but just being able to say that three of my paintings were selected for an exhibition means I can walk away with my head held high, until I have to put it down again while I brainstorm new ideas.

Towing and Reckless Driving is Serious
James Read - Collections Volunteer

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