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Wednesday, 4 January 2012

'Behind-the-Scenes' Tour - Digging a Little Deeper....

Birds Eye View of the Roman Baths
Are you interested in the history or archaeology of your local area? Have you ever wondered what secrets might be hidden beneath your feet? Well, here at the Roman Baths Museum, we may just be able to help you, as we hold archaeological material for the whole of the Bath and North East Somerset area. So what does that mean?

East Baths Bulk Archaeology
Whenever a new building development takes place, part of the process is to record any structures or objects that might be hidden below the surface and it’s these objects and records that form a large part of the Roman Baths Museum collection. Maps, plans, reports and objects from various sites and developments such as the Spa are stored here, as are the objects and records from historic work such as the digging of Victoria Gravel Pit and the excavation of Combe Down Villa. We don’t like to keep these things to ourselves and would invite you to come and visit our stores so we can share this information with you.

Roman bath stone burial chest-cist - Combe Down BATRM 1983.12.h.10 circa 200AD
So, if you fancy doing something a little bit different, then why not come along on a Behind-the-Scenes Tour? These Tours offer a glimpse into the stores of the Roman Baths Museum, and a chance to look ‘behind-the-scenes’ at the everyday workings of a busy and vibrant museum. See and handle objects in the reserve collections and find out why and how we care for them.

Forthcoming Tour Dates:
Thursday 26 January 2.30pm
Thursday 23 February 10.30am
Thursday 29 March 2.30pm
Thursday 26 April 10.00am

Numbers are strictly limited so advance booking is necessary on 01225 477779.

All children must be accompanied by an adult and have to be aged ten or over.

Normal admission charges apply. Bath and North East Somerset residents free with a Discovery Card.

For all the latest 'Behind-the-Scenes' Tour dates please follow this link


Helen Harman - Collections Assistant

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